What We Fund

The money we raise in our stores goes towards funding 3 main areas: Operations, R&D, and Education.



General Operations:

Collection and processing
of materials are 2 of the greatest barriers to material reuse. We make it easy. We arrange pick-ups for large donations. We sort, process and upcycle materials for sale in our store.


Research & Development:

We find new sources of materials and develop new uses for harder to reuse materials. We work well with others. We work in collaboration with other non-profits and individuals who can use the raw materials we process to make new things.



We provide skills training and education for upcycling and provide public outreach sharing the real value of the materials we currently treat as waste. We share what we learn.


To learn more
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Through diversion processing and upcycling we are turning waste to valuable products and materials.

Pick-up available
on large approved

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Store Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday

Urban Repurpose
440 Brooksbank Ave
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7J 2C2
(604) 990-5576


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