Why It's Important

In Metro Vancouver, most structural materials left over from and prior to deconstruction and demolition are considered not-reusable.

Currently the costs to sort, process and transport these materials to make them usable outweighs the economics of treating them as waste. The result is most of these materials are sent to landfill and burnt in incinerators. Much of what is burnt is released as carbon into the atmosphere.

We want to
change this.

You can help.

By collecting ready to use items as donations from the community and reselling them in our store we fund our main operation goal of keeping them from landfill and give these materials new life. By sharing, and selling these materials to people who can reuse them, our processed materials will go back to manufacturing, and small scale fabrication processes. This means less Co2 in the atmosphere and greater benefits to the community

Get involved.
Volunteer, call us
to make a donation
and come see us
at the store.

Help us
change the
way we look
at waste.


Through diversion processing and upcycling we are turning waste to valuable products and materials.

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on large approved

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