Who We Are
and What We Do


Urban Repurpose is a non-profit organization. Our charitable goal is the diversion and reuse of waste materials from demolition and deconstruction.

We raise money in our Urban Repurpose thrift store selling collected and donated materials received from manufacturers, homes, businesses and deconstruction.

We provide home owners and businesses extraction and donation as options for valued materials like windows, doors, lighting and cabinets prior to demolition as an alternative to paying for disposal in landfill.

We are working towards a closed loop economic and creative structure where usable older materials retain value and remain available for sale. Harder to reuse items are transformed through processing and upcycling.

Get involved.
Volunteer, call us
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at the store.

Help us
change the
way we look
at waste.


Through diversion processing and upcycling we are turning waste to valuable products and materials.

Pick-up available
on large approved

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Store Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday

Urban Repurpose
493 Mountain Hwy
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7J 2L3
(604) 990-5576


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